Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lilac foil goodness, yum!

I'm a total sucker for Zoya promos - I'm a bit too cheap to pay full price, but any BOGO sale they have, I'm all over it. So I bought 2 from the Mirrors collex, and Rea. This is Rea - isn't she pretty?

The accent nail is Diamond Cosmetics' Matte Mulberry stamped with BM209 & Rea. It isn't matte because I'm kind of meh about most matte polishes, I just like them better shiny! I was very pleased with how well Rea stamps, the small lines in the pattern show up quite well. Because somehow all that foil wasn't shiny enough, halfway through the week more stamping was perpetrated.

The thumb is stamped with China Glaze Fly, which didn't want to show up in the pictures at all (insert standard grumble re cameras & purple) and the other fingers are stamped with CND's Copper Chrome, which is awesomesauce for stamping! This pattern kind of makes me think of sweaters, somehow - I think it's neat!

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