Wednesday, October 12, 2011

... goin' to the chapel and they're ... gonna get ma-a-arried!

And I get to wear a purple dress! My little (I say little, I mean really gigantic!) brother is getting married in 10 days, and I'm a bridesmaid, along with my other sisters-in-law! Since purple is my favorite color, I have tons of purple polishes, so I figured it would be a cinch to match up the dress and a polish. But textiles and polishes are harder to match up than I expected - the way the color is expressed is quite different - lots of things looked like they'd go in the bottle, but then were too pink or blue on the nail. So what's a girl to do but skittles?

(Genny, if you're looking, let me know if there's anything you like!)

 Day 1 skittles - the only one of these that made the cut was the thumb. Oh, and both Sinful Let's Talk and Wet n Wild Buffy the Violet Slayer bleed like crazy! I used them for stamping on my ring finger, and I know I didn't smudge them, they bled into the topcoat and the polish under it after I thought everything was dry! I'm so going to have blueberry nails by Halloween... ^_^

Here's a look at my thumb against a swatch of the dress fabric - I couldn't correct what my camera saw, but at least all of the colors are wrong together? Just picture the fabric as royal purple, and go from there!

Day 3: Redid several fingers. My index & middle fingers are variations on the thumb design, the ring finger is a royal blue that I threw some CND copper pearl and amethyst sparkle over. The pinky is an attempt at more traditional wedding-y colors. I'll eventually make a list of polishes, but I used so many different things I have to sort them all out first. And yes, I went around all week like this. Fortunately, people already know I'm a bit weird. And the auditor at work just thought it was amusing...

 Here's my right hand - the pinky was actually stamped with white over a layer of topcoat over Buffy(&ct), and the camera makes the stamping far more visible than it actually was. Pretty color, just very very bleedy. The ring finger is a neon purple (Funky Fingers Riot) that looked better with the fabric swatch than I expected it to. I think that's my other favorite look.

I didn't like how the index finger turned out, so it got crackled, because I could. I think I'm also liking the combination of white and silver as a manicure. So now I just have to decide! (Of course, I really like the manicure I have on now, and it kind of goes with the dress too...)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Wow, so time kind of got away from me...

I've been trying to get myself into the habit of posting regularly - it's really hard! I have nothing but admiration for the folks who post regularly, often, and well! I've got a polish post in the works, and here's kitties until I get it done!

 This is Tiktok, my older kitty, enjoying the sunlit patch on the living room floor. He's big and floofy and a giant scaredy-cat!

This is his 'little brother' Mr. Lee - he's a little pest and can't resist poking at Tiks until he gets sat on for his troublesome ways!