Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lilac foil goodness, yum!

I'm a total sucker for Zoya promos - I'm a bit too cheap to pay full price, but any BOGO sale they have, I'm all over it. So I bought 2 from the Mirrors collex, and Rea. This is Rea - isn't she pretty?

The accent nail is Diamond Cosmetics' Matte Mulberry stamped with BM209 & Rea. It isn't matte because I'm kind of meh about most matte polishes, I just like them better shiny! I was very pleased with how well Rea stamps, the small lines in the pattern show up quite well. Because somehow all that foil wasn't shiny enough, halfway through the week more stamping was perpetrated.

The thumb is stamped with China Glaze Fly, which didn't want to show up in the pictures at all (insert standard grumble re cameras & purple) and the other fingers are stamped with CND's Copper Chrome, which is awesomesauce for stamping! This pattern kind of makes me think of sweaters, somehow - I think it's neat!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I had guests!

Wow, time flies when you're on vacation! Two of my nieces & my nephew came to stay last weekend, and the girls and I played with polish, naturally! Here are Charlene's nails:

She painted all her nails with Wet n Wild Rain Check, which was pretty sheer, it took several coats for her to get it opaque, but it's quite a pretty color. Then I got out the dotting tools and a ton of polishes, and flowers were born! I didn't get pics of her toesies, but she had fun doodling on them with one of my purple nail art pens.

And here are Ciara's colorful paws:

The orange hand is Zoya Tanzy over Orly Old School Orange, decorated with assorted nail art pens & stripers. The purple hand is 2 coats of Milani Purple Gleam, also striped to within an inch of its life.

After we finished up their nails, Charlene did mine!

The grey with blue flash on my left hand is Zoya Akyra, and the right hand is Sally Hansen Teal Steel. They're both fairly sheer - the nail line was less apparent in real life, but the flash on the camera really brought it out. Of course, it also brings out how shiny and glowy these polishes are. I'll probably layer them when I wear them again.

Charlene took to dotting like a duck to water, I'm really loving the double-petal flowers she did on my thumbs! Here's a couple more pics:

Saturday, August 6, 2011


This was fairly simple, as nail art goes. A pretty, sparkly polish and dots. Since Jesse's Girl - Confetti is so sheer, I used a coat of Color Club's Pucci-licious as a base. The dots are Petites - Daze, and Orly - Space Cadet. Daze stood out a bit more in person than these pics capture...

 There was a fair amount of color-shifting going on, though I think my eyes were seeing more of it than my camera could register.

This one's blurry, but caught more of the colors:

I tried color-correcting some of the pictures, since my camera likes to add blue to purples, but it made my hands look just too weird - here's a corrected one with just the polishes.

(and yes, that's my lilac sweater being used as a background!)