Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Alligator purse?

I have jumped on the scaly nails bandwagon - it's fun!

This manicure sort of evolved a bit at a time, and has all kinds of layers in it - I started with Ulta's Alter Ego, a nice dark sort of silvered teal. I stamped the net pattern from BM209 with Copper Chrome, and layered Milani Hi-Tech over that. You can see the copper and teal peeking through here and there, I think... On top of that I stamped the scales pattern from BM224 with Pixel Blu-Ray Baby, which is a semi-transparent teal blue. I was very pleased at still being able to see the holo glitter through the stamping! It was very distracting in sunlight!

And then while I was taking pics, a parcel came! I had to try it out on just one nail before I did anything else!!

This is my new baby, Missha HGR01. Isn't she pretty? And coincidentally, the color doesn't clash with my other nails at all! Yay!