Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cloisonne, anyone?

This is one I really had fun with - China Glaze Let's Groove (usual lovely formula) stamped with CND Copper Chrome and accented with Color Club Feel the Beat and a bluey green franken I made attempting to dupe a replacement for my bottle of Fiat, an ancient, beloved tealy polish from the 90's (this color is pretty, but not a successful dupe...) I also used Let's Groove to stamp the accent nails, and instead of filling the petals with Feel the Beat, I used Sinful Let Me Go, which is a terribly sheer pink/green duochrome. Lovely for nail art and layering, though!

I've been having a great deal of fun with accent nails, probably because I'll take any excuse to add yet another color to a manicure...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Virtual Violet

This is a really pretty purple polish, a bit pinker than shown... (Cue standard 'my camera hates purple' plaint...) A pink leaning purple with aqua shimmer. I hate VNL, and it looked on the sheer side, so I layered it over Diamond's Pelican Peak Purple, which is a nice pastel purple creme. I was sick when I did the stamping, so I don't actually remember which China Glaze dark purple I used for this, but it was probably First Class Ticket. I had thought about dotting some green or turquoise into the 'eyes' of the pattern, but got sicker and forgot. Spring colds are no fun!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My grocery store is evil...

So, went to the store today to pick up some stuff and stopped to look at the OPI rack, cos, you know, nail polish and all. Not that I often buy OPI, they're a bit out of my price comfort zone, so unless it's really something awesome I usually pass or wait for a dupe. Anyway, now they're selling China Glaze too... Fortunately for my wallet, nothing I've been totally wanting, but now I know it's there.