Saturday, May 28, 2011

Must... actually... post...

So, here it is... the first post! I've been taking pictures for over a year, and in December actually started putting the blog together. And then the waffling started. I didn't like the name. My pics aren't as nice as others I've seen. OMG THEY'LL HATE MEEE!

But I really like nail polish, and I want to share. So here goes!

This is kind of a layered Konad. The fingers were painted with ChG Metallic Muse - 1 coat, I think, stamped with SH Extreme The Real Teal (M63), and then 2 coats of SH Spectrum on top of that. Plus base & topper, of course! Thumbs are The Real Teal stamped with Metallic Muse and then 2 coats of Spectrum. I find it difficult to get good pics of my thumbs for some reason, but in person, they were much bolder and contrastier, stamping-wise, than the fingers. I really like all these polishes, though I think I'm going to mostly reserve my China Glaze Khromes for stamping, they're a little bit more difficult, application-wise.

Here's another pic, I think the difference in contrast maybe shows up better in this one: