Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I don't often wear pink, it's rare for me to find a pink I like that looks good on me. So I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I got it out of Wet 'n Wild's summer nail pail. It's got one of those silly TV show names - How I Met Your Magenta - but I'll forgive the silly name for the pretty color. 3 coats, gold shimmer that shows in the bottle but not much on the nail. The accent nails are Caitlin, stamping is China Glaze Sci-Fi and Emotion, using Bundle Monster plate 206.

I really like Bundle Monster's new set, but even though the full nail designs are bigger, I still have to double-stamp my thumbs. This design was a bit hard to line up, but I'll get better at it.

Here's one at an oblique angle, to show how it changes as it's shifted around. This one was definitely fun to look at, though not as distracting as a good duochrome! ^_^

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I like my Zoyas... they always surprise me by being just a bit more than I expect from looking at the bottle. It's nice to put on a polish, and instead of trying to achieve 'bottle color' you find you have something even nicer! So yay, Zoya!

My camera seems to like to add blue to things, Danni is a bit pinker than this, but trying to color-correct for minor color shifts seems silly when everyone looking at these has different monitor settings anyway! For the stamping, I used Bundle Monster # 224 with China Glaze Sci Fi, and the centers of the flowers are Zoya Robin & Kotori, a nameless iridescent green Funky Fingers, and OPI Take the Stage. I was quite happy with this manicure!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day!

Hey, 2 posts in the same day! Well, there was sunshine, and I thought posting this the week after I wore it might be a bit silly, so I hustled & took pics, and am posting quick before going out!

So here's my first 4th of July manicure, also my first successful tape mani! I used Nfu Oh 61 (squee!), NYC Madison Ave (very sheer, 4 coats & still VNL, but a pretty red), China Glaze Frostbite, and OPI DS Fantasy. Stamping was with Nfu Oh 61 & Bundle Monster plates 05, 14, & 21. My camera freaked out a bit at all of the holo, I could only get indirect shots - all of the direct ones caused flare lines or everything washed out and it wouldn't focus. Here's a kind of blurry one that shows the holo a bit better:

And one more, with props!

Happy 4th!

Neon skittles & crackle!

This was my first time with a crackle polish, it was pretty hard to control, but I think it turned out ok, and it was really fun to look at! There's a ton of polish on my nails - between putting on a layer of white to help the neon pop to the extra layer of top coat so the crackle polish wouldn't get hung up on the semi-matte finish of the neons I used, there's between 6 & 9 coats of polish on each nail (did I mention the part where neons are really thin?) But I think it was worth it, and it all dried very quickly. Yay quick-dry topcoat!

I can't decide if I like the blue crackle best over red/pink/orange colors, or yellow & green. I think it depends on how it's lit at any given moment. I really liked the contrast in this finger (sorry about the blurry, my lil camera can only zoom so much) and the blue/aqua shift in the crackle polish shows up really well:

Here's the big giant list of polish:

Pure Ice Crackle – Strike a Pose
Sally Hansen Crackle – Vintage Violet (pinkies)

thumbs – Pure Ice Flirt Alert (hot pink, not really neon)
index – Orly Melon Magic
middle – Sinful Neon Melon
ring – Color Club What a Shock!
pinkie – Zoya Phoebe, Color Club Pure Energy  (these 2 are practically the same color, Phoebe is matte and a 1-2 coater, Pure Energy is a semi-gloss 3 coater. I forget which pinky had which, I was comparing & lost track.)