Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Drumroll, please!

So, truth be told, I am a bit on the cheap side… While it sounds nicer to call it ‘frugal,’ I know the truth. I generally like pennies to at least squeak before they leave me, and feel all full of guilt at splurges. But I have recently made some observations as regards cheap – sometimes you get what you pay for. So I have stopped buying cheap shoes that make my feet hurt and then sit in my closet unworn. And sometimes brand names are better than generics for real, not just because the box is prettier. And if there’s a nail polish that’s too gorgeous for words, and I’ve looked for dupes and there are none, and I just love it to bits, then sometimes it’s ok to buy it and feel happy. (You just don’t do the Smeagol in public… preciousss, my preciousss)

And this one gorgeous polish is totally worth it! Meet Missha HGR01! Sooo pretty – I saw this months ago on Neglelakkmani (who has much better pics of this, btw!) and waffled a whole bunch before I caved and ordered it from evil-bay. I’m really glad I did, this is such a nice duochrome polish, and I don’t have anything in my collection that’s even close. 2 coats, (weird brush, but look - shiny polish!) and it took me 3 days to decide on nail art, because I didn't want to cover it up. The stripes are Orly Halley's Comet, the dots are Revlon Copper Penny. On to the polish!

Sunshine, and look - <3-shaped bottle! Very shiny and almost glittery in bright lights, the duochrome comes out more in diffuse lighting.

 The blue shift in the polish is awesome - in brighter lights, it's aqua, and I saw cobalt blue at other angles. Most of the color-accurate pics were blurry, I think maybe my auto-focus couldn't figure it out in diffuse lighting conditions. The one above is the best, color-wise.

I tried catching the shades of cobalt blue that I could see at different angles, but I couldn't quite do it. Oh well, I'll have to wear it again and give it another try! Le sigh!! :-p

Shiny!! :-D  <poing poing>

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