Wednesday, October 12, 2011

... goin' to the chapel and they're ... gonna get ma-a-arried!

And I get to wear a purple dress! My little (I say little, I mean really gigantic!) brother is getting married in 10 days, and I'm a bridesmaid, along with my other sisters-in-law! Since purple is my favorite color, I have tons of purple polishes, so I figured it would be a cinch to match up the dress and a polish. But textiles and polishes are harder to match up than I expected - the way the color is expressed is quite different - lots of things looked like they'd go in the bottle, but then were too pink or blue on the nail. So what's a girl to do but skittles?

(Genny, if you're looking, let me know if there's anything you like!)

 Day 1 skittles - the only one of these that made the cut was the thumb. Oh, and both Sinful Let's Talk and Wet n Wild Buffy the Violet Slayer bleed like crazy! I used them for stamping on my ring finger, and I know I didn't smudge them, they bled into the topcoat and the polish under it after I thought everything was dry! I'm so going to have blueberry nails by Halloween... ^_^

Here's a look at my thumb against a swatch of the dress fabric - I couldn't correct what my camera saw, but at least all of the colors are wrong together? Just picture the fabric as royal purple, and go from there!

Day 3: Redid several fingers. My index & middle fingers are variations on the thumb design, the ring finger is a royal blue that I threw some CND copper pearl and amethyst sparkle over. The pinky is an attempt at more traditional wedding-y colors. I'll eventually make a list of polishes, but I used so many different things I have to sort them all out first. And yes, I went around all week like this. Fortunately, people already know I'm a bit weird. And the auditor at work just thought it was amusing...

 Here's my right hand - the pinky was actually stamped with white over a layer of topcoat over Buffy(&ct), and the camera makes the stamping far more visible than it actually was. Pretty color, just very very bleedy. The ring finger is a neon purple (Funky Fingers Riot) that looked better with the fabric swatch than I expected it to. I think that's my other favorite look.

I didn't like how the index finger turned out, so it got crackled, because I could. I think I'm also liking the combination of white and silver as a manicure. So now I just have to decide! (Of course, I really like the manicure I have on now, and it kind of goes with the dress too...)

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